Australian Wine

Australian wine is prominent when it comes to wines available internationally, a great feat considering wine making only started in Australia in the 19th century and the country is geographically isolated from a large part of the rest of the world.

Although a large proportion of the wine loving public will hardly consider visiting Austrailia in their lifetime, they are sure to sample some of this awesome wine sooner or later.

Most of the wine in Australia comes from the Southern region which has the requisite climate and soil conditions to support this kind of activity.

Other regions as well have come into prominence due to the use of modern growing methods to ensure the growth of grapes and the economic need wine makers have felt to expand the industry. A lot of the wine making in the country is carried out by companies that own vineyards and less by independent parties.

Of the red wine grapes the Syrah, Carbernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir are grown widely in Austrailia.

The Australians were responsible for a the naming of wine as "Shiraz" due to the fact that this is what wine makers locally prefer to call the Syrah grape and it is one of their most widely grown varieties of red wine grape.

The most used white wine grapes are the Chardonnay and the Semillon, but despite the seeming dominance of French wine grapes in the Australian wine making industry, German wine grapes such as the Riesling are also planted widely.

Austrailia also produces wines popularly referred to as GSM, an acronym of the wine grapes used to make wines of such blends namely the Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvèdre.

While the practice of making blends can hardly be said to be Australian, the art of creating this particular blend is something that has been mastered and is often used as a marketing ploy by Australian wineries to indicate the unique nature of their wine.



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