California Wine

California wine was brought about by the Spanish back in the 18th century and the practice flourished into what you have today.

Most people who are new to wines tend to think that wines of this sort are less superior to their European counterparts but this is rather untrue. California wines have bested wines from continental Europe and other wine making countries at numerous wine competitions all over the world.

The land area across the continental United States may be large and capable of growing various wine grapes but the only region of note when it comes to reputations on the international wine market, is the state of California.

Wine grapes are grown in a number of vineyards across the expanse of the state, from family owned ones to corporate establishments, from vineyards that were established centuries ago to vineyards created in the last five decades.

California wine tends to vary in terms of heritage and style but when it comes to wines from this part of the world, there are none better to rival that of California except perhaps those of the South American nations of Chile and Argentina.

While the Spanish may have brought wine to California, today you have a large number of different wine grapes being grown and used to produce distinct wine such as French and Italian wine grape varieties.

Oenologists have recorded an excess of a hundred wine grape varieties used to produce wine in California but international purchasers of such wine are more likely to encounter some of the certain more popular varieties.

In terms of red wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Zinfandel, those interested in California white wine on the other hand are more likely to encounter Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

California has a diverse climate and an equally diverse soil structure, what this means is that the wines equally share this diversity because the taste of a wine depends in part on the grape it is made from and the conditions under which that grape is grown. It is the unique nature of the California climate and soil structure as well that has contributed to the dominance of the state in the United States wine industry.

Wine that comes from California is additionally classified according to the region which the wine was made in and there are four of such regions: Central Coast, Central Valley, North Coast and South Coast.



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