Secondary Fermenter

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After your wine has fermented a few days, it will be transferred to your secondary fermenter or carboy. A Carboy is a 5 or 6 gallon jug that is usually glass but sometimes found in a heavy clear plastic. It has a narrow neck where you will attach your airlock and rubber bung. This allows gases to escape while fermentation finishes. Your wine will be racked into the carboy to finish fermentation.

When siphoning wine into your carboy, place siphon to the bottom to minimize the amount of oxidation. Minimal splash!


Be sure to sanitize prior to use. Use a solution of potassium metabisulfite mixed with water to sanitize.

From practical experience, having an additional carboy on hand is handy. After your wine has fermented, it will need to be racked again to begin the clearing process.If you do not have an additional carboy, you can rack it back into the primary fermenter, clean out the carboy and rack back again. Just remember, the less your wine is exposed to oxygen, the better!

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