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Wine Label Making

Wine label making - customized, personalized wine labels - is a wonderful way to turn a bottle of wine into a special gift. Now that you have your homemade wine you need to create your wine labels.

What better way to celebrate your own bottled wine than to make a personalized label identifying the year, the wine, and the wine maker!

Stock Designs

Making your wine from a wine kit? Many wine concentrate kits now offer a stock label you can use.
If not, your supplier may have a generic wine label you can use.

Create Your Own

Making your own personalized wine labels can be as simple as purchasing labels for your home printer, typing in some essential information, perhaps adding a simple design, printing the labels, and affixing them to your bottles of wine.

There are some factors to take into account before you begin however.

  • What type of bottle will the label be attached to, especially size and shape of the bottle.
  • How will the bottle be used?
  • Is it likely to be immersed in an ice bucket?
  • Refrigerated? Stored at room temperature?
  • Will the label contain high-resolution images?
  • What type of printer will be used - Inkjet? Laser?

With those questions answered, you'll be able to purchase label materials appropriate for your wine label making. For example, waterproof (or weatherproof) labels are a good choice for many uses. On the other hand, glossy label material will reproduce high-quality images. Knowing the bottle size and the type of printer will allow you to select the proper size, shape and type of labels as well.

Creative Designs

Your wine labels can be enhanced by adding images. Clipart is one easy option. Some clipart images can be downloaded for free from the internet, while others can be purchased for very low cost.

Labels can also be enhanced with digital images - photographs of you, your family, your friends, or of anything you choose. For making really unique wine labels with professional-looking designs or special effects you may need to purchase specialized software. Explore your options and have fun doing it!

Follow this link to look at several wine labels that you can print your own information on. Wine Labels

Designing Online

Making wine labels doesn't have to be done by yourself. With a quick search of the internet you'll find many specialty label producers and even some wineries that will work with you to create, print, and deliver unique wine labels. Typically there are several options. You can select from among pre-designed labels, you can submit your own design, or you can essentially hire the company to create your custom labels for you.

Creating Unique Gifts

Wine label making, whether simple or grand and whether in your home or with an online partner, is a great way to create unique gifts and make many happy memories. Your friends, family, and associates will appreciate the thought you put into customizing a gift of wine for them. Here's a toast to you!

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