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Is your wine cloudy or hazy?

Once you have racked your wine, it will start to drop sediment to the bottom. Most of the time, wine will clear on its own just being racked a couple of times. If you still have hazy wine, it really does not affect the taste of the wine, just the look. To clear your wine, it is recommended using a clearing agent like "Sparkelloid". Boil 1 tsp Sparkelloid per gallon of wine in 2 cups of water (microwave about 10 minutes). It is crucial to get the temperature of the water boiling. While it is still hot, add to your wine and stir. In a couple of days you will see sediment forming on the bottom of your carboy and settling on the sides. Give your carboy a gentle twist to help the sediment fall to the bottom.

After the wine has cleared, rack again to remove from sediment OR if you are very good at siphoning, go ahead and bottle your wine.

Another cause of cloudiness or haziness is pectins. Pectins are the cellular structure of a fruit. Use of pectic enzyme helps break down the cells and release the juice and flavor. If the pectins are not broken down, your wine will remain cloudy.


Wine Making Problems
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